Research & Development

Leading-edge technology requires a constant diligence in keeping pace with the latest research and engineering applications around the world.  Our international team of scientists, engineers and researchers are dedicated to developing and introducing cutting-edge technologies to both professional practitioners as well as individuals.

Our team will not only evaluate various technologies for your applications and usefulness, but will also perform collaboration and research to help you determine your specific needs.  We will then recommend certain products/technologies and, if necessary, will develop customized products based on those needs.

BGmetrix has access to an extended international network of technical, development and manufacturing talent providing significant flexibilities and efficiencies for your operations.This talent would, for example, reduce development time, allow for quick product customizations and increase the accuracy and performance of the technology.

It is our goal to develop the next generation of technological products as directed by market demands and desires.

Research Center

In addition to this eye on the future, it is equally important to monitor the use of existing products. These products have developed into modern and sophisticated systems of hardware, software, server, remote connectivity and data transfer capability, facilitating the collection of data for research center analysis and reporting.

The purpose of the research center would be to offer comprehensive products and services that elevate the ability of the health practitioner to provide a new level of professionalism and effectiveness.

​The application would include the research and data analysis/compilation that provides the industry with critical aggregate data.  This aggregate data will be used to study symptoms, diagnoses, health trends and more, providing a view of health care information that is unique creating, for example, meaningful and significant analytical trending reports.