our mission

To advance the knowledge and proliferation of body-mind healing modalities through:

- our expertise in reviewing and evaluating emerging technologies

- our consultation and selection of appropriate technologies for specific applications

- our research center that collects data from remote devices assembling the data into meaningful and significant medical, detection and trending reports

and to contribute to our society by utilizing these technologies to positively impact the health and well-being of individual lives and to provide eco-friendly solutions to certain common problems.

We welcome you to the current awareness of body, mind, and spirit connection,

and we trust you'll discover the knowledge and ability to pursue new limits in each discipline.



We are an international team of scientists, engineers, researchers and business people dedicated to introducing cutting-edge technologies and ideas. The technical staff, with vast and successful experience overseas, is teaming with successful domestic business expertise to offer the technologies and related research to the worldwide marketplace.


               our philosophy

Our basic philosophy is to integrate modern medicine/technology with ancient wisdom/knowledge. Frequently, when a new discovery is made (or even hypothesized), the previous knowledge is too quickly tossed aside as useless. However, that previous knowledge served us well, had wisdom within it and may still hold importance for us.  Growing up in this technological era, we see many examples of this dynamic. For example, many of the “old wives tales” or “family remedies” still hold important value, perhaps exactly as it was known to us before, or perhaps in some modified form. We, at BGmetrix, strongly believe in modern technology, but also believe in proven ancient knowledge.  And we believe that the most potent solutions are created by the intelligent integration of these knowledge bases. We believe in the observation and resulting knowledge of different cultures, acquired over centuries, and their integration into today's life.  These include the secrets of Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Meditation and more. Clear evidence shows an increasing interest in these principles with documented positive results of their regular practice. Our unique tools, equipment and consulting service embrace these qualities and offer this integrated approach producing accurate assessments, optimizing any needed treatment process, and maximizing your personal effectiveness.